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Symfony Development with Lando

Learn how easy it is to develop locally with Symfony and Lando

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Lando + Drupal Contributions

Setting up, testing, and writing Drupal patches can be a confusing gauntlet to the uninitiated. To that end I've set up the [thinktandem/drupal-contributions]( ...

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Lando 3.0.0

After many years of active development we've finally reached our first stable release!

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Lando and partner to create a new home for developers.

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What's new in Lando 3.0.0-rrc.3

As we continue to march towards our official release on May 4, 2020 we wanted to keep you up to date with some of the changes we are making along the way. Here are the highlights for 3.0.0-rrc.3. ...

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3 Things to do after you install Lando

Now that you've got Lando rolling, here are 3 post installation steps to take things to the next level

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