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3 Things to do after you install Lando

Now that you've got Lando rolling, here are 3 post installation steps to take things to the next level

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Important update on Lando 3.0.0-rrc.1

After a massive breaking upstream change weve cut a new official release and locked things down for the future.

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Lando and partner to form the next great open source supergroup, cranking developer productivity up to 11.

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Announcing the Lando Alliance

If you care about making developers lives easier then you should join our movement to liberate developers from the mind forged manacles of dev monotony so they can focus on their most important work.

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March to a stable Lando 3.0.0

As we gear up for the final push towards that ever elusive stable release we are getting ready to launch big changes in how we manage, fund, organize and develop the project.

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Why you should sponsor Lando

Sponsoring Lando is more than just supporting a free and open source local development tool, it's supporting a community of developers dedicated to making development easier for us all.

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